Bee In the City 2018

In Summer 2018, over 100 unique, giant bee sculptures descended on the city of Manchester. I was lucky enough to have my design chosen and I spent much of the Spring hand-painting my design onto the bee. This is the most demanding project I've completed to date, and I quickly discovered that applying a design with lots of straight lines to an object that is mostly curvy is not without it's difficulties! It took about 120 hours of painting to complete and I'm still in love with the finished piece, which I entitled 'My Heart Belongs In This Place'. The design is a reflection of my love for Manchester and the city's vibrancy and diversity, with a nod to Peter Saville's design for the Hacienda. Following the trail, the bees were put up for auction and mine sold for a massive £23000, helping to raise a grand total of over £1million for the I Love Manchester charity! I'm extremely proud to have taken part in this project!